The pros and cons of buying a Townhouse

What is a Townhouse?

A Townhouse is usually a great place to start for a first homeowner or investor as they are typically more affordable on the purchase price.

A townhouse is usually a row of properties all of a similar style in medium to high- density areas.

A townhouse can come in 2, 3, or 4 beds perfect for a singleton or a family, often close to amenities for ease and work.

We have availability from the Gold coast to the Sunshine coast and along the Western corridor towards Ipswich and Toowoomba.

You will often find a townhouse is within its own little community offering security as well as additional benefits, like communal areas that may include a pool, Gym, BBQ areas and parks.

All this usually comes at an additional cost of a body corporate fee, paid by the client to maintain services.


Property42's Selection

Property 42 has a selection of bespoke Townhouses available in key locations without body corporate Through select Builders.

Unlike our house and land packages which are built to order, Town houses are all started at the same time with an approx. date for completion may be an ideal option if you’re working to a date you have to move by, we often have completed Townhouse available for SMSF purchase and Investors who don't want to wait for the build period.

All out packages can be reserved from as little as $1000 refundable deposit and a fully completed EOI form.

Pros & Cons of Townhouses

Townhouses have been around for centuries, but they’ve experienced a resurgence in recent years, comprising 13 percent of new construction of single-family homes. They’re poised to remain in favour, as today’s buyers look for low-maintenance homes in walkable neighborhoods.


  • Ideal for FTB (First Time Buyers as Costs are usually low to purchase)
  • Often completed before coming to sale so ideal for SMSF Investments
  • Ideal for Investors on a low budget and wanting centrally based investments close to towns. 


Because you’re sharing the walls and the footprint is smaller, townhouses are typically less expensive than a HnL package in the same area even if they have a similar square footage. “You can get a lot of space close to the cities, when you’re only paying for the inside of the house and not the larger Block of land of a family home,” “It can be a cost-effective way to get more of what a client wants.”

The smaller size of a townhouse means that they require less maintenance. the body corp will take care of the exterior maintenance on the property.

Townhouses built as part of a development may include amenities such as a pool, parks and communal BBQ areas, again covered under the Body corp

Townhouses often come with access to a small amount of outdoor space or a patio and possibly a private garage.

Many TH sites come with on site management to look after the properties that are let out, many sites are for investor only or may have a claw back on the commission if it is a sale for a owner occupier, check first.


Some people don’t like to live with the restrictions & cost put in place by a BC.

Since you’re in close proximity to your neighbours, you may have to deal with more noise and traffic than you would in a single-family home.

Multi-floor living may not be sustainable for everyone. “They are usually pretty vertical,” “It can be an issue for some older homeowners.”, best suited for younger couples or individuals and Investors.