NDIS SDA Explained

  • Introduction to NDIS Investments, helping the community while providing for your future.
  • Investing in Residential Property with 11%+ rental return
  • Estimated returns between $90,000 & up to $148,000 per annum, per property.
  • Returns based from the NDIS price list accurate at the time of print, all info subject to change

History of the NDIS

The UN: The rights of persons with disabilities. 

The Australian Government was one of the first countries in the world to be a signatory of the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’. The Federal Government have committed  

$23 Billion to the NDIS Fund to cover a 20 year period, $700,000,000.00 annually for the next 20 years has been allocated to the SDA for ‘rental assistance’ to generously compensate ‘Investors who build SDA approved homes’ .

What is NDIS?

National Disability Insurance Scheme


Full turn-key off-plan property

When did the NDIS start?

The Federal Act was developed in 2013 inline with the UN Convention on the Rights of persons with disabilities. The NDIS began rolling out in 2016. It is a huge scheme and is currently being rolled out Nationally, Property42 specializes in the South East Queensland area.

The NDIS/SDA funding is a national initiative but new to Queensland in 2019. 

How long will the funding last? 

20 years, after which the funding will be reviewed.

What is SDA?

Specialist Disability Accommodation


Designed specifically for those with high level care needs to assist with the transition out of nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospitals and ageing parents’ homes. Promoting independence and choice for those who have had no options for accommodation in the past due to their disability.

How many people will need SDA?

 Nationally the government research shows us that approximately 29,000 people need SDA, we calculate the real number to be far greater, and once accommodation is widely available more potential tenants will sign up to the NDIS, people just don’t know these homes are available to them yet.

6,000 of those are young people under 25 inappropriately housed in aged care facilities , and that figure grows weekly.



Where does the income come from?

Most of your income will be from the SDA (Federal government) funding, but the tenants also have to pay a reasonable rental contribution which has been set at approx. 25% of the disability pension. 

Why Invest in NDIS Property? 

Each tenant pays rent & has a subsidy paid to you, up to 3 tenants per property.

All feedback points to longer tenancies as we cover a bespoke market and your tenants have not had the opportunity before to have their own home, they have indicated that it could well be a home for life.

20 Years subsidy from the federal  Government 

High demand in a niche market


Only a select few can provide these investments and obtain tenants from authorised SDA approved builders and management, we can.


  • Do you want to help Australians find  a home that meets their needs?
  • Do you want an approximate return of $100,000 a year, from your investment?
  • Do you have a deposit of up to $300,000?


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